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Cherry Creek East Zoning Overlay
Posted on Jul 21st, 2022
(Information on this project was originally posted to CCEA website on July 1, 2021.  Below information is current as of November 7, 2022)
How it all began...Beginning in May 2018, then District 10 Councilman Wayne New, initiated a Commercial and Residential Overlay Process. It was believed that an overlay – once approved by City Council into law – would be more effective and efficient than a design committee to sustain future development guidelines in Cherry Creek East. The city funded $10,000 for consultants to assist the Cherry Creek East Association Board and its Development Committee with the process.  Over the last four years hundreds of hours were spent creating two overlays.  The Zoning Overlay is an incremental addition to the current city zoning. Consequently, if and when it is approved, this becomes a part of the Zoning code for the area. Zoning overlays have been applied or are in process in other Denver communities. Here is more information on why we want a zoning overlay in our community. Why we want a commercial overlay plan in CCE.  
CCEA hosted a community meeting on February 16, 2021 and a community survey was conducted on July 1, 2021.  Currently, the zoning overlay is with the city for review.  You will find details on the overlays, meeting presentations and survey results in the Development Committee section of our website.  
On June 1, 2022, Community Planning and Development (CPD) staff presented the overlays to members of Denver Planning Board. Some members could not differentiate Cherry Creek North from East and there were many inquiries about portability of the overlay to other neighborhoods and equity. 
Where are we today?...On November 16, 2022 @ 3PM, the CCEA Overlays will go before Denver's Community Planning & Development Committee.  This is a hybrid public meeting, so you may register for the Zoom meeting or attend in person at the Webb Municipal Building located at 201 W. Colfax Ave., Room 4.F.6/4.G.2.
Registration for the Zoom meeting will open Monday, November 14th.  To register for the Zoom meeting, go to the Planning Board Meeting website.  On the right hand side of the page, click on "Register to speak via Zoom".  Please know, you will have an option to just listen in on the meeting and not speak (if this is your preference) during the registration process.  For information on how to participate in and what to expect when speaking at a public hearing, click HERE.  
If you support the CCE Overlays; we need your help!  Please consider writing to Councilman Hinds and Libby Kaiser with CPD your support of the CCE Overlays.  City Council and Panning Board listen to and are influenced by the written word, much more than emails, surveys, and phone calls.  Click here for discussion points, sample letter of support and mailing address.
Cherry Creek West Development Project
Posted on Jul 20th, 2022
Cherry Creek West project is the SW Corner of S University Blvd and E 1st Ave and the developer is East West Partners.
This project is in the early stages of development but due to the size of the project, we are staying on top of it's progress.  Cherry Creek West hosted a Community Information Meeting on August 10th.  If you missed the meeting you may watch this recording.  Cherry Creek West Partners has also provided this Q&A Follow Up to the community meeting.  This Q&A provides some good information on what CCE can possibly expect from this development project.  
You may learn more about this project and it's developers at the Cherry Creek West website.
Even though this project is in the early stages, the CCEA Development Committee has created the below listed document of discussion points to start dialogue around this project.
Denver Moves: Cherry Creek
Posted on Jun 13th, 2022
Denver Moves: Cherry Creek is a year-long planning effort to develop a cohesive strategy for infrastructure development that achieves the City’s mobility goals in the Cherry Creek neighborhood and surrounding area. The project will explore improvements to make it safer and more convenient to walk, bicycle, take transit, deliver goods, and drive in and around the area, and will also examine green infrastructure, parking, curbside uses, and other considerations.  For more information on this initiative, visit the City of Denver website.  
You will find details on upcoming public meetings and opportunities to provide your feedback to the project team for Denver Moves:  Cherry Creek here.  
Ellsworth Storm Project Update
Posted on Jul 1st, 2021
The project is designed to help improve storm water quality and water drainage issues through the use of green infrastructures. These green infrastructures will be installed at each intersection along Ellsworth.  
June 2022 UPDATE:  The City of Denver construction management team and contractor should have Phase I of the Ellsworth Avenue Storm Project completed by July 2022.  Phase 2 of the Ellsworth Storm project will begin where Phase 1 left off on Ellsworth Ave just west of Madison St and continue east to Garfield St.  Phase II is currently in the design phase with expectations to have a contractor selected by Winter 2022.  
What to expect between now and onset of phase II?  Residents will see utility relocation activity in the general vicinity of Ellsworth Ave.  
For complete information from the City of Denver on this project you may visit their website or the The City of Denver project information sheet.
Please feel free to contact Linda Wilson at linda@lindawilson.net or Lauren Winnen through www.lindawilsongroup.com if you have any questions.  
Pedestrian Lights in Cherry Creek East
Posted on Jul 9th, 2020
Periodically, someone will ask how they can buy, repair or get a bulb for one of the ubiquitous domed streetlights that are not managed by the city. These are typically made of black painted steel with a domed, traditional looking "London" streetlight top and can be seen mostly on streets east of Madison. While some are on corners, many are placed mid-block. Electricity for most of these is provided by adjacent homeowners and not the City of Denver. If you need a replacement bulb or repair, CCEA has used this Company:

Contractor we used on South Monroe was Radiant Lighting Services.    https://radiantlightingservices.com/ 303-429-3326

For the less common city powered lights often set on power poles at intersections, call 311.