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Cherry Creek East Community Meeting: Zoning Overlay Overview and Updates
Posted on Jan 31st, 2021
The Cherry Creek East Association Development Committee has been working on a zoning overlay. The Zoning Overlay is an incremental addition to current city zoning. Consequently, if and when it is approved, this becomes a part of the Zoning code for the area. Zoning overlays have been applied or are in process in other Denver communities. Here is more information on why we want a zoning overlay in our community. Why we want a commercial overlay plan in CCE.  
Here is a link to our February 17th CCE Community Meeting presentation.  2021 Cherry Creek East Zoning Overlay Plan Presentation
Gates Tennis Center Solar Project
Posted on Jan 31st, 2021
The Renewable Denver Community Solar Program is structured to advance Denver’s climate and community objectives, all at no up-front cost and a net savings to taxpayers. It has the potential to achieve multiple benefits including:
  • Rapid decarbonization of the electric system via up to 15 MW of solar projects (avoiding more than 15,000 metric tons of CO2 annually).
  • Distribution across approximately 30 geographically and socio-economically diverse sites throughout Denver.
  • Power sharing between city facilities, low-income housing, and local residents.
  • New workforce training and student education programs.
Here is information about the project: Gates Solar Initiative
January 2021 Group Living Amendment Update
Posted on Jan 31st, 2021
CCEA opposes the proposed Group Living Amendment which makes changes to the Denver zoning code due to overwhelming opposition of CCE neighborhood residents. The CCE Survey Report provides details on the survey, how residents were educated on the GLA, and the reasons for opposition.
If you want to know more about the proposed Group Code Living Amendment - January 2021 Group Living Update  
The Importance of Winter Tree Maintenance By Michael Swanson, City Forester, Denver Parks and Recreation
Posted on Nov 5th, 2020
As winter approaches, many Denverites are preparing for the cold months ahead by blowing out their sprinkler systems and composting their leaves. But many mistakenly think their trees are self-sufficient and that the snow, when it comes, will provide enough moisture to sustain them until spring. That’s unfortunately not the case. Trees need water year-round, especially in our arid climate.  Below are some guidelines provided by Michael Swanson, City Forester, Denver Parks and Recreation.
Ellsworth Storm Project Update
Posted on Oct 31st, 2020
The Ellsworth Storm Project. Phase 1 will be from Steele to Cook. Residents and businesses along Ellsworth have been notified along with Councilman Hinds, we encourage dialog so we can minimize impacts during construction.  Construction will not interfere with  holiday shopping.  More information is HERE
Please feel free to contact Linda Wilson at linda@lindawilson.net or Lauren Winnen through www.lindawilsongroup.com if you have any questions.  
Pedestrian Lights in Cherry Creek East
Posted on Jul 9th, 2020
Periodically, someone will ask how they can buy, repair or get a bulb for one of the ubiquitous domed streetlights that are not managed by the city. These are typically made of black painted steel with a domed, traditional looking "London" streetlight top and can be seen mostly on streets east of Madison. While some are on corners, many are placed mid-block. Electricity for most of these is provided by adjacent homeowners and not the City of Denver. If you need a replacement bulb or repair, CCEA has used this Company:

Contractor we used on South Monroe was Radiant Lighting Services.    https://radiantlightingservices.com/ 303-429-3326

Print, clip or save this post if one exists in front of or adjacent to your property. Please share with your neighbors.

For the less common city powered lights often set on power poles at intersections, call 311.