Resident Members
The Cherry Creek East Association is a Registered Neighborhood Organization recognized by the City and County of Denver. Our mission is to protect the neighborhood and help make it the best place to live and work in Denver.
We rise and fall on the strength of our members. Our goal is to bring together our residents—homeowners, renters and businesses—into one community striving to make this a better place to live, work and play.
Membership is just $25 a year per person, which helps CCEA in its efforts to:
  • Work with developers to ensure projects are responsibly built and in the best interests of Cherry Creek East;
  • Work with the City to make sure Cherry Creek gets the benefit of our tax dollars;
  • Put on programs and educational events to benefit members and our neighborhood; and
  • Promote social activities and events for the neighborhood.
To join, simply click on the Register link above and fill out your registration. You can pay your dues online.
Good Neighbors
Membership also provides a great opportunity to meet and work with your neighbors, not just those living next door but neighbors living all across Cherry Creek East. Good neighbors make for great neighborhoods and a lot of fun all around.
Members get our quarterly newsletters along with access to private pages on our new Website. It also gets you a seat at the table when controversial development issues come before the Board. And, a front-row seat at our social events and programs.
Join us and our community. 
Reach the CCEA
Here are some handy links to reach CCEA Board Members for questions or suggestions.