Neighborhood Watch
Neighborhood Watch facilitates communication among residents and the police to minimize crime in communities. It functions on a variety of levels:
Immediate neighbors
Get to know your immediate neighbors and exchange phone numbers so that contact can be made easily to prevent crimes of opportunity such as open garage doors, unsecured bikes, un-retrieved packages. Also signs that no one is home such as an overloaded mailbox.
Throughout Cherry Creek East
CCE has a Neighborhood Watch liaison who receives information from our local police department (District 3) and shares it via email about twice per month. The information includes Officer of the Month nominations, community meetings (described below), crime statistics, and special youth events. Messages arrive as a “blind copy”, so recipients view only their own email addresses. To get these emails, send a request with your full name and street address to 
Direct communication with police
Meetings: Denver District 3 offers regular opportunities to voice concerns -- and compliments -- directly with officers. These include monthly Citizen’s Advisory Board (CAB) meetings where crime trends, prevention measures and other observations are discussed. Typically, the meetings are at the Police District 3 Substation, 1625 S. University Blvd.  Other opportunities include recurring Coffee with a Cop events. 
911 Emergency calls:  911 calls are encouraged 1) to report a fire, 2) to save a life, and 3) to stop a crime in progress. This includes suspected crimes based on a person’s behavior such as soliciting without proper credentials, moving from car-to-car trying door handles, removing an item from private property, and breaking/tampering of windows or doors.
Non-Emergency reports: Crimes that have already occurred should be called-in to the Police Non-Emergency Line, 720-913-2000. (The same goes for vehicle fender-benders, noise complaints and parking concerns.) Officers might respond to the location but only if there is evidence, injury or witnesses involved. Regardless, reporting crimes properly helps police make optimal decisions about resources such as patrol routes. 
Alternatively, reports can be made using an online form accessible on the Denver Police District 3 website.   Click the REPORT CRIME NOW button located on the webpage in the right hand column.
Community Resource Officers: Non-emergency questions and comments may be emailed to a District 3 resource officer. Contact details for the officers are provided on emails from the CCE Neighborhood Watch liaison. 
Additional DPD District 3 Resources:
For Emergencies call 911.  
For Non-Emergency Police Response call 720-913-2000.   
Denver Police District 3 Station is located at 1625 S. University Blvd.