Development Report
Cherry Creek East is becoming increasingly attractive to developers. We are monitoring many significant development projects and issues in our neighborhood.
1. Colorado Gateways (East Side of Harrison/ Bayaud & East Side of Harrison and First).  There is a project to build residential and/or commercial buildings on empty lots and to replace abandoned buildings at the corners of First Avenue and East Side of Harrison and the north and south corners of Bayaud and the east side of Harrison. The developer, McKinnon, has filed with the City for a zoning revision that would change the maximum stories on the site from three to five. The developer has also requested additional zoning changes including a change from residential to commercial zoning on the SE Corner of !st & Harrison and on the NE Corner of Bayaud and Harrison. 
CCEA conducted a survey of CCE residents who provided their perspectives on the development. A plurality favored the change primarily because the lots have either been unsold and empty or occupied by abandoned buildings for many years.  A smaller percentage opposed the developments citing opposition to height, parking and traffic issues.  A copy of the survey findings is available by writing to the CCEA Board.
John Tredenick is leading a negotiation effort with McKinnon. John is coordinating with Lou Raders, President of the Cherry Creek North Association [CCNA] since they have an interest in the outcome and the lot at the NE corner of 1st and Harrison falls within CCN. 
2. 50 S. Steele. The owners of the current building, The Broe Group, want to add two new buildings on the North and South sides where there are currently parking lots and are asking for a zoning variance to build 12 stories for all three buildings. If approved, the new structure would extend from Ellsworth to Bayaud and include as many as 300 apartments. The developer has held one community meeting at which several residents were in attendance and has been asked to hold an additional meeting at which community feedback will be solicited. This second meeting will be held on 2.18.2020, 5-7PM at the Young Americans Center [3550 E 1st Ave, 80206]  CCEA members are encouraged to attend and participate in the Q&A discussion. The developer has filed with the City for the change. CCEA negotiations are being led by Bill Tanner.
3. Village Center (NE and SE corners of Madison/Bayaud). A community meeting was held by the developers. Based on the meeting the developers plan to meet with residents who live near the development. The developers had asked for a rezoning from 3 to 5 stories. At this point it is not clear whether or not the developers will pursue the rezoning or not. If the rezoning is not pursed, Choppers may be sold and the remaining properties at the intersection kept as is. If the developers continue to pursue development CCEA will host a survey to get community feedback.
We will be conducting CCE community meetings for these projects which have various timelines. Please watch for notifications of these meetings in your e-mail inbox, on our website and Facebook page.  We want your feedback about them at these meetings.
Design Overlays: So that future development will reflect the high quality of life CCE currently enjoys, we are working with the city to create a CCE Zoning Overlay for new commercial and residential construction. When and if adopted by the city, these new regulations would only affect new construction, not current properties, and would become part of the zoning code for CCE. Barry Lazarus is leading the residential overlay effort. Brooks Waldman and Bill Allen are leading the commercial overlay effort.
Other issues:
  • The Garfield bikeway that will run from City Park to the Cherry Creek Bike Path has been approved. As a part of the plan, crosswalks will be installed at Garfield and Bayaud and Garfield and Alameda within the next two years. Bill Allen and Barry Lazarus have plan copies.
  • The City is investigating a new zoning rule that would increase the allowed number of unrelated residents living in residential properties from 2 to 8 persons. A meeting seeking community feedback will be held Tuesday, 2.11.2020, 6PM at Bruce Randolph School, 3955 Steele St.
To see the process used by the Development Committee and CCEA Board for review of major zoning changes, please see Zoning Review Process.
For questions contact the CCEA Development Committee chairperson, Bill Tanner, at