Development Report
Here is a report on open development projects before the Board.
Updated:  September 20, 2021 
1) Design Overlays/Residential and Commercial
     Barry Lazarus, Lead Residential Overlay. Brooks Waldman & Bill Allen, Lead Commercial Overlay
On February 16, 2021, CCE Development Committee hosted a meeting via zoom where they presented the commercial and residential overlays to the community.  They had over 60 residents and commercial property owners in attendance.  If you missed the February community meeting, you can find the presentation here and the discussed questions and issues for developers here.  City Planning has also reviewed the overlays and, based upon their recommendations, revisions have been made to the plans.  A survey, asking for your feedback on the city planning revised version, was sent out to the CCE community on July 1, 2021.  The results of the survey are available below. 
2) 50 S. Steele/Developer:  Broe Real Estate Group
     REZONE:  C-MX-12 (Commercial Mixed Use 12 stories)
Broe has submitted their application to the City of Denver for rezoning to C-MX-12.  They presented their newly revised plans at the March development committee meeting.  The plan is to rebuild with 5, 12-story apartment towers with retail space on the ground floor.  A community meeting was held on July 27, 2021 at 6:00pm via Zoom.  You may watch the recording of the community meeting HERE.   The CCEA Board sent out a survey to the community on September 9, 2021.  If you did not receive the email you may take the survey at : survey is open for your feedback through September 26, 2021. 
On Wednesday, September 15, 2021 Denver Community Planning & Development Committee voted to allow this project to move forward to City Council for approval.  
3) 5 Cook Street/Ellsworth & Cook/Developer: Canyon Law
    REZONE:  C-MX-8 (Commercial Mixed Use 8 stories) 
The Law Family, the owners of this property, are seeking rezoning to C-MX-8 to build 7 story apartment rentals with retail space on the ground floor.  A community meeting was held on July 21, 2021 at 5:30pm via Zoom.  You may watch the recording of the community meeting here.  The CCEA Board sent out a survey to the community on July 29th.  Results from the survey are posted below.  
Project Status:  9/21/2021 - Community Planning & Development (CPD) forwarded to City Council for approval.
4) 3400 E Bayaud Ave./Next to Gates Tennis Center/Developer: Brian Levitt & Travis McAfoos
     REZONE:  C-MX-12 (Commercial Mixed Use 12 stories)
Developer's plans include a rezoning request to C-MX-12; 12-stories with 250+ apartment rentals and retail space on ground floor.  This project also includes 121 S Madison, where rezoning will be submitted for 5-story apartment rentals.  A community meeting was held on August 3, 2021 at 5:30pm via Zoom.  You may watch the recording of the community meeting HERE.   The CCEA Board will be sending out a survey asking for your feedback, so please keep an eye out for this important email.  
The owner of 3400 Bayaud, Travis McAfoos has hosted two open houses.  The first one was held on August 4th from 4-6pm at Chopper's.  The second was an Open House & Site Tour on August 24th from 4-6pm at 3400 E. Bayaud Ave.
5) Colorado Gateways/Bayaud & East Side of Harrison & 1st/Developer:  Doug McKinnon
This project is not progressing as rapidly as initially hoped. Currently, a start date for construction is not available. The never completed church lot townhouse project at Bayaud and Colorado, in Hilltop, is for sale. Fortunately, while there is no indication that the CCE lots are for sale, the agreement negotiated by John Treddenick and Lou Raders for the CCE projects runs with the land so even if the CCE lots are sold, the new owner is legally obliged to live with the agreement.
You can see copies of the development agreements for the First Avenue properties here and for the Bayaud properties here.  Here is the CCN and CCEA Letter of Support. Here is the Hilltop letter of support.  The Denver Planning Board voted unanimously to recommend that City Council approve these projects. 
6) Gates Tennis Center
The tennis center is considering an expansion of its parking lot and courts. There will be an impact on Pulaski Park, so a survey is planned to go out to the community for feedback.  This survey will cover improvements Gates Tennis Center is proposing. 
7) Village Center / NE and SE corners of Madison / Bayaud
This project is not currently active or before the CCEA board. 
Other Projects:
  • The Garfield bikeway that will run from City Park to the Cherry Creek Bike Path has been approved. As a part of the plan, crosswalks will be installed at Garfield and Bayaud and Garfield and Alameda within the next two years. Bill Allen and Barry Lazarus have plan copies.
  • The Ellsworth Storm Project:  The City of Denver construction management team and the contractor hosted a Walk and Talk on July 15, 2021 at 5pm.  They lead a block-by-block discussion of the work to be done and what to expect during construction.  Both phases of the Ellsworth Ave. Storm project are moving forward. Phase 1 (Ellsworth from Steele to Cook) has a contractor on board and will start construction later this summer. Phase 2 (Ellsworth from Cook to Garfield) is also picking back up after a slight delay.  The City of Denver construction management team anticipates construction on Phase 2 to occur later in 2022.  For more details on this project you may refer to the project information sheet and the phase 1 map.
For questions contact the CCEA Development Committee chairperson at