Development Report
Here is a report on open development projects before the Board.
Revised on :  March 23, 2021 
1. Colorado Gateways / East Side of Harrison/ Bayaud & East Side of Harrison and First/ Developer:  Doug McKinnon
This project is not progressing as rapidly as initially hoped. Currently, a start date for construction is not available. The never completed church lot townhouse project at Bayaud and Colorado, in Hilltop, is for sale. Fortunately, while there is no indication that the CCE lots are for sale, the agreement negotiated by John Treddenick and Lou Raders for the CCE projects runs with the land so even if the CCE lots are sold, the new owner is legally obliged to live with the agreement.
You can see copies of the development agreements for the First Avenue properties here and for the Bayaud properties here.  Here is the CCN and CCEA Letter of Support. Here is the Hilltop letter of support.  The Denver Planning Board voted unanimously to recommend that City Council approve these projects. 
2. The Broe Project / 50 S. Steele / Developer:  Broe Real Estate Group
The developers presented their newly revised plans for this project at the March development committee meeting. Their plans are to completely rebuild with four 12 story apartment towers with potential retail/ office space on the ground floor.
3.  5 Cook Street / Ellsworth & Cook / Developer: 
The owner is seeking a rezoning to 8 stories.  The city has hired a skilled mediator who will work with CCE's nearby Mountain Shadows residents and the developer to reach a solution amenable to all parties.
4.  3400 E Bayaud / Next door to Gates Tennis center / Developer: 
Developers plans includes a rezoning request to 12 stories with mixed use [residential and office/ retail].  There is a possible 2nd location linked to this project on the west side of Madison, just south of Bayaud. The developer has presented preliminary plans to the development committee.
5. Design Overlays / Residential and Commercial Overlays
    Barry Lazarus is lead Residential Overlay. Brooks Waldman & Bill Allen are lead Commercial Overlay.
On February 16, 2021, CCE Development Committee hosted a meeting via zoom where they presented the commercial and residential overlay.  They had over 60 residents and commercial property owners in attendance.  City Planning is fully engaged and will review the overlay with Councilperson Hinds, where some changes are expected.  Once CCE Development Committee has feedback from the city, a survey will be sent to the community giving the residents the opportunity to comment on the overlay plan.  
An overlay is needed so that the expected and rapid development is managed and enforced by the City.  Once the overlay is approved by the city, it becomes an integral part of zoning law within the boundaries of CCE.  These newly adopted regulations would only affect new construction and not current properties.  
6. Village Center / NE and SE corners of Madison/Bayaud
This project is not currently active or before the CCEA board. 
Other Projects:
  • The Garfield bikeway that will run from City Park to the Cherry Creek Bike Path has been approved. As a part of the plan, crosswalks will be installed at Garfield and Bayaud and Garfield and Alameda within the next two years. Bill Allen and Barry Lazarus have plan copies.
For questions contact the CCEA Development Committee chairperson at