Neighborhood Lighting
One of the unique characteristics of the Cherry Creek East neighborhood is the attractive lamp post lighting located throughout the neighborhood which, in addition to increasing property values, adds an element of safety for our community. These black steel lamp posts are located on the tree lawn, the grassy area between the sidewalk and the curb. 
These lights are not maintained by either the City of Denver or Xcel. According to Denver code, it is the responsibility of the adjacent property owner to maintain these lights and repair them when they malfunction.  If you need assistance repairing or replacing the light bulb in one of these lamp posts, many of your neighbors have used Radiant Lighting Services.
The lights attached to the tall wooden poles often found in the alleyways and along the street that run east and west through the neighborhood, such as E. Bayaud Ave and Ellsworth Ave, are maintained by Excel Energy.  If you notice a light out on this type of pole, please contact Excel at 800-895-499 and report it.  There is a pole inventory number attached to each pole.  Although this inventory number is not required to report an outage, it does make it easier for Excel to quickly respond.  At a minimum, Excel will need to know the block on which the outage is located.