The Board appoints committees to help carry on the business of the association. Here are current committee assignments including contact information:

Bill Tanner
Mission: The mission of the Development Committee is to meet with developers and other members of the community regarding development and advise the CCEA Board how best to guide development within CCE for the benefit of its resident community.
Robin Pittman
Mission: To engage CCE residents and businesses through community outreach and inspire them to join CCEA
Accounting & Finances
Michael MacLauchlan
Bill Allen
Mission: To advance transportation improvements and the desires of the neighborhood for all transportation modes including streets and roadways, sidewalks and other pedestrian amenities, bikeways, intersections, transit services and other transportation related services and facilities. 
  • Alameda Avenue Corridor Study: Alameda Ave is a high traffic street that crosses over Colorado Blvd into Cherry Creek East (CCE) and runs along the southern border of the community.   The Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) is conducting the Alameda Avenue Corridor Study that is focused on developing a shared vision for Alameda Ave.  The section of this study that directly impacts CCE is Alameda Ave @ Colorado Blvd wrapping around CCE’s southern border onto Steele St and carrying on to E 1st Ave towards University Blvd.
    • What is the current status of the study?  DRCOG recently wrapped up the analysis of transportation, crash, and infrastructure data along the corridor.  They have also completed their first round of engagement, focused on priorities for the corridors, concerns people have with how Alameda operates today, and ideas for the future.
For a summary of highlights of the existing conditions analysis click HERE.  
    • What is the next step of the Study?  DRCOG is now developing draft recommendations and plans to go out to the communities to share these draft recommendations and gather additional feedback.  These community visit should happen later this spring.
      For up-to-date information on this study and to sign up for email updates, visit the DRCOG Alameda Ave Study website
  • Denver Moves: Cherry Creek will explore improvements to make it safer and more convenient to walk, bicycle, take transit and drive in and around the neighborhood, and will also examine parking, green infrastructure, and curbside uses.  You will find details on upcoming public meetings and opportunities to provide your feedback to the project team for Denver Moves:  Cherry Creek here.  
Denise Oakland
Mission: To connect, inform and educate residents with relevant information that affects the Cherry Creek East area via a Monthly newsletter, Flash updates and needed posts on social media such as Facebook and NextDoor.
Reach the CCEA
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