The Board appoints committees to help carry on the business of the association. Here are current committee assignments including contact information:

Bill Tanner
Mission: The mission of the Development Committee is to meet with developers and other members of the community regarding development and advise the CCEA Board how best to guide development within CCE for the benefit of its resident community.
Read more about the latest development news here
Amy Larson
Mission: To engage CCE residents and businesses through community outreach and inspire them to join CCEA
Accounting and Finances
Fran Lazarus
Bill Allen and Elizabeth Kemp
Mission: To advance transportation improvements and the desires of the neighborhood for all transportation modes including streets and roadways, sidewalks and other pedestrian amenities, bikeways, intersections, transit services and other transportation related services and facilities. 
Stephanie McCray and Karen Jo
Mission: To connect, inform and educate residents with relevant information that affects the Cherry Creek East area via a Quarterly newsletter, Flash updates and needed posts on social media such as Facebook and NextDoor.
Karen Jo and Amy Larson
Mission: To help coordinate CCEA meetings and provide the best possible meeting experience. 
Neighborhood Watch
Connie Larkin
Mission: To help organize individual blocks in the CCEA to work effectively with law enforcement and to help watch over and protect our nieghborhood against crime. 
Frank Schultz
Mission: To watch over licensing issues that might affect CCEA.
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