Friends and neighbors
The Cherry Creek East is a Residential Neighborhood Association recognized by the City of Denver. Our mission is to protect our neighborhood and help make it the best in the Denver metro area.
We are a volunteer organization. Our goal is to bring together homeowners, renters and businesses into one community striving to make this a better place to live, work and play.
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What We Do
The Board, Officers and Committee Members represent the neighborhood in a variety of ways.
Board members and community residents attend meetings of the Cherry Creek Steering Committee to make sure our voices are heard.
The board meets with property owners and developers wishing to develop properties in the neighborhood to ensure consistency with the Cherry Creek Area Plan.
The board is involved with other neighborhoods, various city agencies, and Councilperson on issues that have an impact on our neighborhood. 
The board, with support of the neighborhood, the Denver Planning Department and Councilwoman New, develops an annual list of priorities for improving the quality and livability of our community. A list of current priorities identified by the neighborhood and the board are as follows:
  • Cherry Creek Area Plan
  • Stormwater drainage solutions
  • Continuation of our pedestrian lighting program
  • Traffic and pedestrian safety
  • Go Speer Leetsdale Project​
The Board operates under By-Laws. You can download a copy here. The Board recently adopted an amendment to the By-Laws to allow virtual meetings. You can download a copy here
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Please consider serving as a member of our board, or working with the board on one of these or other neighborhood projects through one of our steering committees. To get involved, send us an email here.