McKinnon Harrison Street Rezoning Proposal
A local developer, McKinnon and Associates, has asked the City to to rezone three sites that lie between Harrison St. and Colorado Blvd.
  • One site is on the southeast corner of Harrison and 1st Ave (78 Harrison St.) and is currently a vacant lot.
  • The other two sites are the northeast corner of Harrison and Bayaud (80 S Harrison, two vacant buildings) and the southeast corner of Harrison and Bayaud (104 S Harrison, an older apartment building).  
The developer has asked to rezone all three sites to G-RO-5 (5 story, office or residential but no retail/ restaurant, 65 ft. max height).
If you have not recently done so, you may want to visit the sites before taking this survey.  
You may also want to become more informed about the requested rezonings before you take the survey by visiting one or all of these links:
The additional link here will take you to the 2012 Cherry Creek Area Plan (See P 71-73 for CCE detail) and the just approved Denver Comprehensive Plan 2040. Both plans show current and planned zoning for CCE. Zoning from Madison to Colorado Blvd is currently set for three stories and is residential with just three exceptions (Choppers, the property at the SE corner of Bayaud and Madison, and the McKinnon site at the NE Corner of Harrison and Bayaud).
McKinnon asked us to emphasize that building and landscape images in his presentation are not to be considered architectural presentations of the potential rezoning concepts, just simply "massing images." In plain English, this means that they give a sense of the sizing and potential shape of buildings but they are not final representations.   
The developer has indicated that he is willing to negotiate a developer's agreement with CCEA. This legal agreement would bind him and any future owners of the sites and could cover architecture, materials, landscaping and uses. An agreement like this between McKinnon and Hilltop is already in place for the rezoning of the Church which is on the east side of Colorado between Bayaud and Ellsworth. 
The Survey
Here is a link to a community survey about a McKinnon and Associates' request to rezone three sites that lie between Harrison Street and Colorado Boulevard.
It will only take about five minutes. Thank you for participating. 
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