Officers and Board
The leadership team for the Cherry Creek East Association is made up of its Officers and Board Members. Here is the team:
John Tredennick: President 
Amy Larson: Vice President
Andrea Mitchell: Secretary 
Fran Lazarus: Treasurer  
Bill Allen
Karen Jo 
Elizabeth Kemp  
Amy Larson 
Fran Lazarus 
Stephanie McRae
Andrea Mitchell 
Frank Schultz 
Bill Tanner 
John Tredennick 
Brooks Waldman 
The Board meets monthly on the third Monday of the month at 5 pm. You can find out about the next meeting by going to the Events page. 
We prepare and approve minutes of monthly meetings. To see recent minutes, click here. If you need information about earlier meetings, contact us here
You can reach us through the email links on the right of this page. You can learn more about our standing committees and committee chairs here
Reach the CCEA
Here are some handy links to reach association leaders for questions or suggestions. We are happy to hear from you.