Mike and Christy Begien won the first

CCESocial chili cook off


The Celler Dwellers enjoy the evening

CCESocial coordinated a day

with Chihuly

Cherry Creek East colors in autumn

A winter day on Cherry Creek

TyMickey and Nancy Austin with 

Mayor Hanckck

Below is a photo gallery of our neighborhood and some of the social activities that have taken place.  If you have a photo that you would like to have added to the gallery, please submit it and a description of the photo to ccea5280@gmail.com.


Spring has arrived in Cherry Creek East

                                                                      Pulaski Park on a snowy winter day

Bob Metzger, Nora Kimball from Councilwoman Robb's Office,

Trish and Sam Palamera

enjoy the Holiday Party

A CCESocial coordinated trip to

 the Toulouse-Lautrec exhibit

Cherry Creek East neighbors at

Chihuly Nights