Pedestrian Lighting Maintenance

Several years ago the street lighting program in Cherry Creek East was begun to create softer and more continuous lighting throughout our neighborhood.  This program was implemented to supplement the high power lights provided by the city that are located at the intersections of streets.  Most of the newer developments in the neighborhood have installed promenade-style lights on black aluminum poles.  The result has been a uniform appearance to the pedestrian lighting in the neighborhood. 

It is the responsibility of the homeowners to maintain and replace the pedestrian lights that have been installed -- it is not the responsibility of the city.  The homeowners on which the lighting is located are responsible to maintain the individual light fixture. Some lamps are the responsibility of a single homeowner or an HOA.  They have the duty to both power and maintain the lights.  Others, on some of the duplex lots -- as indicated in a party wall agreement between the units -- have split the responsibility between the two units, with one side having the power requirements and the other the maintenance requirements. 

For those residents that need assistance in maintaining their lamps, our members have had success using Radiant Lighting Services, Inc. (303-429-3326 - and Lady Electric LLL (720-366-0311  These two firms are familiar with the parts suppliers and have provided our members with professional levels of service.