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Online Membership and Payment Now Available

Membership for Cherry Creek East Association (CCEA) is $25 per person. 

This membership fee will cover the time period January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019. 

Memberships can now be completed and paid for online,

Go the the Membership page for more details.

​​​​​​Neighborhood Announcements​​

  • New Condos for Cherry Creek East - Click on this link to see a story on two proposed condominium buildings under construction on Alameda Avenue between Garfield and Monroe.
  • CCESocial - Click on the CCESocial tab at for a detailed description of upcoming social events in the neighborhood.
  • CCEA Membership - .All CCE residents and property owners are eligible to join the Cherry Creek East Association.  The annual membership dues are only $25 per individual -- at this time, family memberships are not available. Click this link to access the application for membership.
  • Go Speer Leetsdale - The preliminary plans for the changes that will be made to the Speer/Leetsdale  corridor have been announced by the City.  The plans include eliminating one lane of traffic in each direction on Speer and 1st Avenue from Broadway to Steele Street. The lanes would be converted to full-time RTD bus and right turn only lanes.  For more information on the proposal, click on this link.  The map of the corridor that lays out the areas to be changed, and graphic illustrations of the lane change proposals are located on pages 15-17 of the presentation.  We encourage you to let the city know your thoughts on this proposal.
  • Councilman Wayne New"s Newsletter - To access Councilman New's newsletter, click here.